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First of all:

What is SAND ART ?

Sand Art is a particular ILLUSTRATION TECHNIQUE: it is based on the creation of drawings with sand on a luminous table, using only the fingers and palms. The designs are slowly molded into a metamorphosis that arouses continuous amazement in the viewer, as it is an absolutely unrepeatable work.


The art of drawing with sand is still defined in various ways: sandblasting, sand animation, drawings with sand, animation with sand ... but Simona Gandòla prefers the traditional "Sand Art". In fact there is no animation, the drawings are static because what it moves are only the hands of the artist (while in the animations of the "animated" cartoons there is the illusion of the movement of the characters).

New & original:

Who is it for?

Sand Art is an extremely versatile illustration technique, it lends itself very well to entertaining the public on the occasion of parties, ceremonies, corporate events, theatrical performances, musicals, concerts, anniversaries, conventions, congresses, patron saints. He is able to kidnap spectators of all ages, who are struck by the dance of the hands on the table and by the suggestions that the grains of sand can create.


People often ask me:

Why do you use SAND?

Why to use sand, when there are techniques that allow greater precision, and above all guarantee durability?


Because Sand Art is time, it's history, it's emotion.

It is a river that flows, where you dive when you want to tell something, always with the wonder of the first time.     


The sand that flows between the fingers

is charged with the emotion

of those who caress it and will never talk twice in the same way,

even telling the same story.



Discover the type of Sand Art show that best suits your needs!

Simona Gandòla is from Rome but realizes Sand Art shows throughout Italy. Request a quote for your event!

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