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A team of professionals

Sand Art can be accompained by storytelling or by a musical background.

Since years I have been cooperating with a team of professionals - directors, writers, actors and musicians - who realise tailor-made works for the Sand Art performance. Through their work they give a significant contribution for a totally personalised product.

Let me introduce them to you!

Fra con piano OBLIQUA 2 .jpg


Francesco Traversi

He composes soundtrack for Sand Art videos


Multi-awards winning composer and conductor, Francesco Fraversi, formed in the world of classical european modernism, composes works that move freely between contemporary languages and rhythmic and melodic innovations, combining complexity and technical virtuosity with sound research and experimentation, without forget the teaching of composers of the twentieth century.


Valerio Mammolotti

The voice of Sand Art stories

Actor, speaker, screenwriter, acting coach.

He began training as actor attending several permanent stage acting labs and seminars.

Then, he kept improving his skills on acting on camera attending professional drama schools (Beatrice Bracco’s Academy, Michael Margotta’s Workshops). He is experienced also in dubbing, voice over, and screenwriting. He worked for several TV productions (Cattleya, TaoDue, Ares Film), theatre productions, and independent cinema (Il Varco). Currently, he is a freelance speaker, dubber and actor. He often works with the independent TV production Cine1 Italia. He is co-founder of “The Switch” group, for which he realizes streaming and web contents.



Francesco Maddaloni

He deals with the drafting of the text that support Sand Art shows

Francesco Maddaloni is an author and a broadcasting journalist. He works for the news programs of Italian channel La7 and he wrote the book for children “Fabulous Families”. He is a Storyteller and documentarist and he worked as author for some entertaining tv shows (Domenica In - Rai; DreamHit - YT for Intesa Sanpaolo) and docu-serie (Love Me Gender and Love Me Stranger - LaEffe Felitrinelli). His passion is telling stories.

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