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Personalized performances for your event

Sand Art

I'm Simona Gandòla and I'm an Artist who draws with sand, using a technique called "Sand Art".

Her performances can be both live shows or recorded in a studio to create corporate advertising and music videos.




In the Gallery section you will find some of the works I made with sand, while in the Bio page you will discover the path that brought me closer to this exceptional technique of drawing with sand, called "Sand Art".

By browsing the menu you will also find out the difference between a live show and a recorded performance, both services are available on request.


Contact me for any doubt or clarification about technical and artistic aspects, as well as to have a tailor-made quotation without obligation.

1. Discover my works
and contact me



To organise the show I will be requesting the value of the company, the details of the new product being launched, the history of the celebrated place, the progress made in a given short, everything which constitutes the message you want to convey.


I will study all the material thoroughly, requesting photos, logos and images that can help me develop the various concepts; then I will illustrate to you my idea for ​​the show through a storyboard, or a succession of images that summarize the performance. We will confront each other until the sequence is fully approved.

2. Let's define together all the details of your show

Here we are, the show begins: the lights turns off, silence falls, for a moment everything is suspended, everything is possible.


The music begins and with it the dance of my hands on the light table. Through a surprising and rapid metamorphosis, a visual story of great emotional impact develops, in wich delicate images come to life only through the grains of sand. The public remains mesmerized by the continuous flow of small and large emotions.

The Sand Art show will leave the participants pleasantly surprised, creating an atmosphere that only a few types of entertainment can boast.

3. It goes on stage!


What it takes to host a Sand Art Show:

- videoprojector connected to the artist's camera

- projection screen

- amplification system for music



To amaze your guests with refined entertainment that

will leave them speechless




To intrigue new customers with a completely original advertisement

or video clip

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